Turnkey Buying Service


For international property investors, our one-stop service streamlines the process of investing in a property in Japan, guiding and assisting you at every step of the way from property selection and making an offer, through to buying and settlement.

For a single price, it also covers all the major costs and procedures involved in searching, buying and taking ownership of a property in Japan, including all legal requirements, taxes, and associated costs.

What the service covers:

  • Property search
  • Property recommendations
  • Site visits
  • Negotiation
  • Presentation of offer
  • Finalizing agreements and contracts
  • Introduce judicial scrivener and tax accountant as required
  • Title registration
  • Tying up all loose ends
  • Calculation of all costs
  • All payments including property, legal costs, taxes and associated costs, judicial scrivener and accountant

What you need to do:

  • Make a formal offer
  • Grant us power of attorney
  • Pay judicial scrivener and tax accountant


  • 3% of property price, +60,000 yen + consumption tax
  • Judicial scrivener and tax accountant fees are extra

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Turnkey Management Service


Our one-stop property management service optimizes the return on your property investment in Japan, while taking care of all ownership obligations.

For a single price, it also covers all the major costs and procedures involved in owning and renting out an investment property in Japan.

What the service covers:

  • Property management services
  • Finding and selecting tenants - including property listing and promotion
  • Tenant agreements
  • Collection and forwarding of rents
  • Property repair maintenance as required - including answering tenant requests (additional costs incurred are not covered by this service)
  • Payment of annual property taxes
  • Introducing a tax accountant

In addition, for complete buildings we can organize all services including:

  • Building management services
  • Cleaning services
  • Utility and lift checks and maintenance
  • Security
  • Insurance

What you need to do:

  • Sign a management agreement with us
  • Payment of management and other fees - usually taken directly from rental income


  • 5% of rent
  • Additional agent fee for finding a new tenant is 1 month's rent
  • Fees for tax accountant
  • Fees for complete building services

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