Financing overview

We can help arrange financing for investment properties over JPY 500 million.

For purchasers of properties of JPY 500 million and over, in collaboration with a bank and an accounting services consultant, Hikari Investment Properties provides assistance for arranging finance in Japan. To make an inquiry, please click here.

Facility Type

  • Loan on Certificate

Recourse / Non-Recourse

  • Non-Recourse or Partial Recourse

Borrower's Eligibility

  • SPC: GK (Special Purpose Company: Godo Kaisha)


  • Minimum total investment of JPY500 million
  • LTV (Loan-to-Value) 40-60% (against bank valuation)

Loan Tenor

  • Maximum 15 years

Interest Rate

  • JPY TIBOR* + 1%-2%
    * Tokyo Inter Bank Offered Rate

Upfront Fee

  • Agreed in consultation

Security (not limited to the items described)

  • First priority registered legal mortgage over the property / First priority pledge on Trust Beneficiary Interest.
  • First priority pledge of Insurance on the property.

Others (not limited to the items described)

  • Full amortization over Loan Tenor
  • DSCR/LTV Test, Cash Reserves and Other Covenants customary for this type of financing.