Selling your property in Japan? We're ready to buy today.

Simple, straightforward property sales in Japan

Looking to sell your property in Japan? At Hikari Homes we make it easy. We buy properties for cash and help you take care of all requisite paperwork.

We move quickly because it is a win-win for both parties, you and us. We have the market knowledge to make quick accurate assessments, the resources to speed transactions and complete all legal details, and the cash to settle quickly.

The benefits of selling to us include:

We pay cash

As we are the buyer, there is no delay getting bank approvals. With the completion of the required paperwork, you can receive cash for the full amount in as little as one week.

Quick assessment and offers

We apply our knowledge of the market to give you a quick assessment and offer based on up-to-the-minute market prices.

No agency and marketing fees

As we are the buyer, there are no middlemen, and no need to advertise.

Straightforward paperwork

We'll introduce our affiliated judicial scrivener to help with the legal paperwork, to ensure all legal requirements are met quickly and easily.

How we make it simple:

We take care of all on-going requirements, using our real estate agency licenses, resources and service providers to make the transition smooth and easy:

  • We transfer the lease contact.
  • We cancel insurance contracts and put new insurance coverage in place.
  • We introduce and brief our affiliated judicial scrivener to help take care of legal paperwork.
  • We file the required paperwork for taxes.
  • We assume defect liabilities if problems are found with the property once we take ownership.

Capital gains tax: What you need to know:

In Japan, the capital gains paid tax on an investment property is levied on the taxable portion of the gain. The rate of the capital gains varies with the period of ownership. The tax is higher if the property is owned for less than five years. Non-residents are not required to pay the municipal tax.

Tax rates

If owned 5 years or less: 39.63% (Income tax 30.63%, municipal tax 9%)
If owned more than 5 years: 20.315% (Income tax 15.315%, municipal tax 5%)

If you have any questions, please contact us.