Hotel Properties

As most hotel and hospitality industry properties are operating businesses that require confidentiality, we only introduce properties on an individual inquiry basis in response to specific requests on the type of property and location. The descriptions here are just a few of the properties we can introduce, and are listed here to give a sample of what is available.

Check the properties you need more information for under Inquiry, and then click [Next], or contact us directly with your specific requests.

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List of Hotel Properties

ID Location Price (JPY) No. of Rooms Year Built Remarks Inquiry
62 SAPPORO, Hokkaido 1,200,000,000 110
63 SAPPORO, Hokkaido 800,000,000 100
64 SAPPORO, Hokkaido 3,200,000,000 192
65 SHINJUKU, Tokyo 800,000,000 380
66 FUKUOKA, Fukuoka 6,000,000,000 220
67 MEGURO, Tokyo 1,500,000,000 90
68 OSAKA, Osaka 1,800,000,000 87
69 OSAKA, Osaka 600,000,000 45
70 MATSUYAMA, Ehime 1,500,000,000 120


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